Mission & Vision

Our mission, vision and values are the guiding principles by which we conduct our business.


Why they are important

Well constructed, communicated and integrated Vision and Mission statements can help align and focus an organisation. We explain what Queen Anne Street Medical Centre's are and how we all work together to do our part.

Our Mission

Queen Anne Street Medical Centre as a clinic will always provide effective patient care and achieve outstanding medical excellence.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a patient's first choice private London healthcare provider, within our specialist fields. We will achieve this through consistently meeting the aims and objectives set out below.

Aims and objectives

Our governing objectives set out how we will achieve our mission by making sure that are able:

  • • To provide high quality consultation, screening, diagnostic and treatment services that are safe, evidence based, monitored and compliant with applicable legislation.
    To provide high quality and safe care for our patients, by putting the patient at the centre of everything we do, and ensuring that their rights are respected and they remain harm free.
    • To ensure that examination and care are provided by appropriately qualified, experienced and registered practitioners.
    • To deliver a positive patient experience and enable patients to make choices.
    • To promote an environment of confidentiality, empathy, comfort, dignity, and respect for the patient’s individual needs.
    • To provide premises that are comfortable, clean and free from infection.
    • To collect and value feedback from patients, visitors and staff, in order to evaluate our performance, and respond to complaints/concerns appropriately and effectively.
    • To collaborate effectively with others, so that we provide seamless care to our patients.
    • To provide positive outcomes for patients who use our services.
    • To provide employees and service users with equal opportunities, and to value and respect individual needs and differences.
    • To ensure that there is an effective Quality Management system in place.
    • To ensure there is an effective Risk Management and Governance system in place.
    • To have a clear, transparent and affordable pricing policy.
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Queen Anne Street Medical Centre
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