Dr Ash Husain

Consultant Respiratory Physician

Dr Husain did his main training in Respiratory medicine in East London Hospitals and Essex. He has been Consultant Respiratory Physician for almost 23 years, currently working for Royal Fee NHS London Foundation Trust.

Dr Husain is an experienced Consultant and over the years has gained vast experience in most aspects of respiratory medicine – i.e any condition that affects the lungs.

These include conditions like asthma, lung infections, bronchiectasis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, COPD, lung cancer, pulmonary embolism, breathing disorders during sleep, interstitial lung diseases (lung fibrosis, sarcoidosis), respiratory failure, pleural disease.

More recently, Dr Husain has been involved managing patients who have had Covid with lung involvement and continue to have chest and long Covid symptoms.

His current special interest has been diagnosing and managing patients with chronic cough and unexplained breathlessness. This includes patients who have allergies attributing to cough.

He has support to get allergy tests, full lung functions, 6 minute walk tests, Bronchial challenge tests, sleep studies, x-rays, CT or MRI scans.

He is also an experienced bronchoscopist and provide this service at Queen Ann Street Medical centre.

You may want to consult Dr. Husain

  • If you have one or more symptoms such as breathlessness, wheeze, cough, blood in sputum (haemoptysis), repeated chest infections, weight loss, fever.
  • When you or your GP wants to secure a more clear diagnosis of your symptoms
  • Undiagnosed cause of your ongoing cough despite normal test results
  • When you wish to have a second opinion on a recently or previously made diagnosis elsewhere
  • If you had a chest x-ray, which has been reported to have some abnormal finding

Most patients seen privately usually are referred from either a GP or another healthcare professional. However, self-referrals from within UK or abroad are also welcome if you have any concerns.

Please bring along details and results from previous treatments, any recent x-rays, CT scans (or their reports) and blood test results along with list of your medications and the inhalers if you are using any of them.

Dr Husain is a BUPA fees assured approved consultant and also approved by most UK private health insurers.