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Our philosophy

Cancer has huge emotional, psychological and medical consequences for people with the disease, with significant impact on their relatives and friends also. A cancer diagnosis can leave you feeling lost, disoriented and disempowered.

Our oncology team understands this and focuses on helping you take back control of your life through the best evidence led, scientifically based advice to put you back on the road to recovery.

We believe that patients should be offered the best quality medical advice possible regarding the diagnosis and treatment of their cancer.

We will provide and access the best cutting-edge approaches and technologies and if appropriate, clinical trials in order for you to achieve that recovery.

We strongly feel that advice and care should be given in a sympathetic way that recognises the patient’s perspective. Any treatment plan is always the result of a dialogue between the specialist and the patient where the patient’s views are integral in the process of arriving at a decision.

Our team has always practised medicine in this way, ensuring the greatest respect to the patient’s needs and concerns, and involving the patient’s family and carers where appropriate.