Hand Rejuvination

The aging process:

When we think about the signs of aging, most of us think about faces, however one of the earliest signs of aging is on the back of the hands

The problem:

As we age the plump tissue layers under the skin of the hands diminishes allowing veins and tendons to be become more visible and giving that aged look to the back of the hands.

The Solution:

Volumising injectables placed below the skin on the back of the hands will return the plumpness to the skin giving an overall more youthful look and feel to the back of the hands.

The Process:

The process is very straight forward and can be completed in under thirty minutes. A small amount of local anaesthetic will be used followed by the volumising injection.

After Treatment:

Almost instant improvements with soft, subtle & more youthful looking hands.


Treatments can last up to twelve months in many patients with a single treatment