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Cancer Care at Home or at QASMC

The QASMC Cancer Centre is run by internationally renowned Cancer Specialists with a team including specialist nurses trained to provide care and drug therapy initially at QASMC and then in the comfort of your own home. Our treatment at home option offers the advantages of first class treatment in the comfort of your own home without the need to travel to the hospital for chemotherapy.

Treatment of cancers with drug therapies including chemotherapy may be offered initially in the hospital setting. Patients will be given a choice to continue their treatment as in-centre treatment or at home where the same specialist nurse and team will continue to provide care in the comfort of the patient’s home. Regular in-centre reviews as required will also be included if home care is opted for.

The QASMC cancer centre offers advanced diagnosis, treatment and imaging techniques to monitor response to treatment. The QASMC Cancer Centre promotes Personalised Care based on the latest molecular profiling to predict response to treatment and genetic tests to assess treatment progress. Our chemotherapy treatment at home service is provided by Healthcare At Home.