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Diabetes Care, London Queen Anne Street

Queen Anne Street Medical Centre is a private medical clinic in central London located close to Oxford Street and Harley Street. The clinic is a modern, purpose-built facility housed within the fine old regency buildings of London’s Queen Anne Street. A wide variety of specialists work here with labs and many facilities to support specialist care. The diabetes and metabolism service provides care for all aspects of diabetes, thyroid disease, endocrine conditions, metabolic and calcium disorders, cholesterol and lipid disorders.

Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a condition which often generates little in the way of symptoms whether the patient takes tablets for it, insulin or diet alone. The individual feels well, yet if the condition remains unchecked and not well controlled it will over the years cause damage to various organs. Appropriate management from an early stage can prevent future problems. A variety of new treatments have become available in the last few years. The Queen Anne St programme aims to work with patients whatever the stage of their diabetes in order to prevent future problems. Queen Anne Street offers a variety of facilities, supporting professionals and specialists to provide for all the needs of diabetic patients.

Thyroid, endocrine, metabolic, calcium, cholesterol and lipid disorders

There are many other conditions, some common, some rare, which cause metabolic upset. Disorders of thyroid function are relatively common, adrenal and pituitary disease less so. Calcium and bone problems including osteoporosis can be identified after bone fractures or kidney stones or are sometimes found by chance. High levels of cholesterol and fats (lipids) in the blood can predispose to heart attacks. We also see patients with disorders of sex hormones. The Queen Anne St clinic provides diagnosis and treatment for these very varied conditions.

Charges are in line with coverage by most health insurers

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